As a father of 5 and grandfather of 9, I know how to teach others to have fun while safely handling firearms. I am a Certified NRA Pistol Instructor, a NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, and an Illinois State Police Certified Concealed Carry Instructor.

I am committed to the idea that the best gun control is
being able to hit your target, ... repeatedly. I am not criticizing our overstretched law enforcement community, but I am amazed at how many people trust their security and the security of loved ones to those who, "When seconds matter, they're only minutes away." It is amazing how many sheriffs and law enforcement officers across the nation, recognizing they are outmanned and outgunned, are calling for an armed citizenry to safeguard against increasing threats of terrorism and selfish individuals who care more about their lifestyle than the lives of others.
Unlike many of our politicians, I can't afford an armed bodyguard.  And no one else is paying for an armed bodyguard for you either. My brother-in-law, a Chicago fireman and once an anti-gun proponent, now has his CCL because he realizes that others won't respect even further limitations on their decisions to arm themselves, especially those who do so illegally.

Please check the Illinois State Police website to confirm that you are eligible for concealed carry before registering for our classes. Classes are scheduled on consecutive Saturdays, 8 hours each day (day 1 offered on 1st and 3rd Saturdays, day 2 offered on 2nd and 4th Saturdays). You may delay the 2nd Saturday of training if you wish.

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My sister, at a recent family gathering, asserted that carrying a firearm is a choice that no one should be forced to make.  I agree.  She has neither a FOID card nor CCL. She has no choiceShe cannot legally carry a firearm to protect herself or family.  She says that if she ever needs a firearm, then she'll get her FOID and/or Concealed Carry License!

All she has to do is find appropriate training, wait until she can attend and complete the training, apply for licensure, wait another 90-120 days, and then she can respond to the emergency.  What kind of choice is that?  Until then, she is forced (under penalty of law) to not carry a firearm.  Because I took the training and applied for the license, I have a choice NOW instead of 5 months from now.

Do you want the right to choose whether or not to be armed?
Do you want the right to choose whether or not to defend yourself and your family against those who don't care that the law wants them disarmed? Only those with appropriate firearms training have a legal choice.  The state has already decided for the rest.

Call me to help restore your legal right to choose. I offer the most affordable quality training available -- now with convenient scheduling options!
Feb 17 & 24 (Full), Mar 3 & 10 (Full), Mar 17 & 24 (Full),  April 7 & 14 (Room for 8), April 21 & 28 (Room for 11) OR Schedule your own class for 3 or more at regular posted prices!  Private classes are also available at slightly higher prices. Contact me about classes that include NRA Basic Pistol Certification. WE WILL MEET OR BEAT ANY COMPETITOR'S CURRENTLY PUBLISHED PRICE FOR LIKE SERVICES!!!!

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What People Are Saying:

My military buddies told me to take the full 16 hours instead of just the 8 hours required for me to get my CCL.  They were right that the time spent is well worth it! Leo from Waukegan

My friends said you were funny. You made the time fly by -- eight hour days only felt like three.  Tony from Richmond

Comfortable in home training, low pressure environment for novice or expert. Mike from Ingleside

Highly recommend!! Learned a lot very well informed and a fun course as well! So worth it you won't be disappointed! Thanks for everything Lowell! Luis from Crystal Lake

I already had 8 hours credit for NRA Basic Pistol. I didn't need the first 8 hour class but I am glad I took it anyway.  I learned a lot! John from Leaf River

Highly recommend. Lowell made the class fun and enjoyable. Smaller class size made it easy to have any and all questions answered. Robert from Fox Lake

Lowell is a great instructor. He was very knowledgeable and entertaining, so the 8 hours for each day flew by. I highly recomment A Better Shot to anyone looking to acquire their conceal carry permit in Illinois. Cornel from Rockford

Do not be put off by the fact it's held in his house. It was a great class. Very professional teacher. I consider myself to be an experienced shooter. I learned quite a bit from the class.  I highly recommend taking this class. My wife had a great experience as well. The two Saturdays worked even better than cramming it into two back to back days. It allowed you to absorb the material and think of questions that seem to pop up after you leave the class. Brian from Wildwood.

Lowell gives personal attention to everyone in the small class. He takes the time to answer all questions and makes everyone feel at ease no matter what their skill level. Richard from Huntley

is an excellent instructor who has put together an excellent curriculum. The class was much more hands on than I expected, which is great. Small class size allowed for individual instruction based on students needs. Highly recommended. Don from Woodstock

The course was Great. very informative and realistic. This type of commitment requires strong conviction and responsibility. Lowell does a Great Job of emphasizing both while making sure you stay safe and well informed. Smaller class size allows for plenty of one on one and the time needed to ensure all of your questions are answered. Highly recommended whether you are a skilled shooter or just starting out. Mike from Rockford

I was told CCL would be boring - a real sleeper. But I learned something worthwhile every hour! Tim from DesPlaines

I'm signing my wife up right away.  You can count on it!  Steve from McHenry

My grandpa didn't learn half the things in his class elsewhere that I learned in mine. Now, he wants to take yours just for the fun of it! Shane from Cary

I didn't want my friends learning some "cowboy attitude" about concealed carry.  We got careful, disciplined, and responsible teaching about protecting ourselves and others.  Gabe from Crystal Lake

Lowell is such a great instructor. He is very knowledgable about the course and keeps the class size to a minimum. I would highly recommend this class. Karin from Waukegan

The class setting was very comfortable and the course was outstanding. The instructor is very knowledgeable and the course material was very informative. Because the instructor is NRA certified, this course also satisfies the requirements of the FL CCL. I was very pleased with the instruction and I would recommend this course to anyone considering concealed carry training. Terrance from Elk Grove

Lowell is an excellent instructor. Very honest, caring, knowledgeable and safe. This hands-on class was very entertaining, too. He used great slides and many videos for his lectures. He keeps small classes and gives everyone equal attention. He allows ample time for practice. Very relaxed classroom setting. I would recommend for anyone who is interested in good training in a relaxed setting. Monika from McHenry

Actually handling each of the types of handguns and then dry shooting and taking them apart to clean them boosted my confidendence tremendously! Michelle from Crystal Lake

Putting together and taking apart the guns helped me feel so much more comfortable around them.  Monica from Woodstock

Thank you for your dedication and sense of humor.  We felt free to ask questions and work through things. Richard from Woodstock

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