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Americans used to have the right to defend themselves. Now, only those with special training are allowed to do so.  As a Certified NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, and an Illinois State Police Certified Concealed Carry Instructor, I want to help you restore your right to self-defense.

Why is firearm training advisable for anyone who can legally qualify?  My sister recently asserted that carrying a firearm is a choice that no one should be forced to make.  I agree.  But she has neither a FOID nor CCL and has no choiceShe cannot legally carry a firearm to protect herself or her family.  She says she will get qualified if/when she ever feels the need.
I am committed to the idea that the best gun control is being able to hit your target, ... repeatedly. I am not criticizing our overstretched law enforcement community, but I am amazed at how many people trust their security and the security of loved ones to those who, "When seconds matter, they're only minutes away." It is amazing how many sheriffs and law enforcement officers across the nation, admitting they are outmanned and outgunned, are calling for armed citizens to safeguard against increasing threats of terrorism and criminal thugs.
Unlike many of our politicians, I can't afford an armed bodyguard.  I'm guessing you can't either, and no one else is going to pay for us.  My brother-in-law, a Chicago fireman and once an anti-gun proponent, challenged me on my pro-gun stance.  I asked him if he would feel any safer walking into a bad Chicago neighborhood after another anti-gun law was passed.  He smiled and said, "No way ... they don't pay attention to any of the laws we already have!  Why would they pay any more attention to a new law?"  He recently surprised me by revealing he now has his Concealed Carry License (as do many of his co-workers)!
She doesn't understand what she has to do.  She doesn't understand that she has to find appropriate training, wait until she can attend and complete the training, apply for licensure, wait another 90-120 days, and then she can respond to the emergency.  What kind of choice is that?  Until then, she is forced (under penalty of law) to not carry a firearm.  Because I took the training and applied for the license, I have a choice NOW instead of 5 months from now.

Do you want the right to choose whether or not to be armed?
Do you want the right to choose whether or not to defend yourself and your family against those who don't care that the law wants them disarmed? Only those with appropriate firearms training have a legal choice.  The state has already decided for the rest.

Call me to help restore your legal right to choose. I offer the most affordable quality training available -- now with convenient scheduling options!

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