For a limited time, we are offering our normal training on our normal schedule to any First Responders, spouses of first responders, children of first responders, or others living in the same household with a first responder at half (subject to all other conditions) the usual cost of $175!

For only $87.50, you can complete your required Illinois State Police approved training to apply for your Illinois CCL.  Because I believe first responders and their families are now at greater risk than ever before, I'll even cut the usual $10 range fee in half to only $5. You can be ready to apply for your Illinois CCL in as little as 8 days at a cost as little as $92.50!

To qualify, you must submit your name and contact information, desired training dates, the name of the relative you are claiming as a First Responder, and a means for me to confirm (name of first responder and phone number to confirm employment, picture of you with First Responder in uniform, or any other way you wish to prove it) that they are as you say.  After confirming you qualify for this offer, I will contact you and arrange for payment over-the-phone, online, or by check. Just send this required information to